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Friday, February 12, 2010

They Says Its the Simple Things in Life

Many times have I heard "It's the simple things in life..." I have even said the same exact thing myself--several times.
You see a baby bird, a bunny on the lawn, hear the song of a robin--generally things we take for granted and usually do not give a second though too--These are the type of things we see when we say "Its the simple things in life that make it worthwhile." While this may be true of some things, its not true for all.
I was recently looking through some of my pictures when I came across the ones of the cardinal nest that was in my yard this past summer. I also have three pictures of one of the young that fledged from this nest.
As I reflected on these pictures the thought came to my mind..."oh, the simple things of life..." I remember how simple "my" life was for the moment when I discovered that nest, as I admired the beauty of the nest, then of the eggs, and how I enjoyed walking past and seeing the parent cardinal on the nest. I reflected on the joy I felt at the simplicity of life when I heard those baby cardinals voicing out their hunger, when I watched the parents make endless trips to and from the nest feeding them. I marveled at how easy life appeared when I saw the baby cardinals fledge and when I took their picture...
And then it occurred to me. It was a simple thing for "me" in life to watch this beauty unfold. And then I started thinking of it from the perspective of the cardinal. Of the labor that went into nest building, of the endless trips to and from putting it together one strand of grass at a time. Of the hours sitting quietly, patiently on those eggs--all the while alert for any danger. Of the endless hours of searching for food for the three young. And then the stress of the young fledging in three different directions and trying to keep up with the where abouts of all three and keeping them fed!
There is much more than our eyes will ever be able to see in this miracle of nature! Even though we see, we will never be able to comprehend. There are many intricacy's going on here--and many that are not ours to comprehend. Just the construction of the nest goes beyond our comprehension. Nothing simple here and nothing short of the "simple" term amazing and awesome will describe this.
Sure, its the simple things in life that make it worthwhile--but always remember how simple-minded we really are and there our limitations lie.

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