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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Going to Create My Own Sunshine!

Okay,,,now the snow is getting dirty, mushy, slushy, and things are just plain sloppy...Even though I am not a winter weather person, I have to agree that the UNTOUCHED blanket of snow is pretty and serene...but once the first few footprints and tire tracks are in it, it is marred! And I am so ready for some warmth, sunshine, and birdsong! My mother once told me that sometimes we have to make our own sunshine...So on this day I am retrieving a memory and creating my own sunshine! You see this pretty sea star, piece of purple sea glass, black knobbed whelk, and scotch bonnet? They were all treasures that we found on one of our trips to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. My favorite place in all the world! The scotch bonnet was found on a day when my mom, my husband Tommy, and I were all out on the point shelling...A storm was brewing in the distance and we watched it draw closer and closer. With the first few sprinkles everyone around us cleared out. Dedicated as we are with the finding of treasure and the love for the ocean, we stayed put and we shelled in the pouring down rain...I will never forget how COLD the rain was and how WARM the water of the ocean was! And it was then that I saw Tommy DIVE for his find of the most beautiful and perfect SCOTCH BONNET shell that I have ever you can see in the picture! This is the state shell of North Carolina and every sheller in North Carolina covets this shell. A lot of times you will only find pieces and parts, and then they are so quickly faded. The color on this is superb! I remember the shell hash on that trip...So many shells and hash washing up...The waves would bring them in and as the waves took them out you could just hear them tinkle...I still hear it now. And I love sea glass. To me it is mysterious and holds a beauty all of its own. I love to hold it and feel the smooth edges. Wonder where it came from, how old it is...this piece must have had a lot of magnesium in it as it has turned a very pretty hue of purple. The sea star was picked up near the light house. And the black whelk was also a find on the point. The storm quickly passed, the sun came out! I reside year round on that point. If not physically, then in spirit! And the sun is always shining!

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