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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And Yet MORE Snow!

I have really officially been over winter since at this point in time I am way past over it! I want sunshine and warmth, comfort, the singing of birds, the green of grass...I know winter is pretty in its own way BUT... Woke up this morning to another 4 inches of snow on the ground and it is still falling. The weatherman predicts up to 6 inches for us by the time it is all said and done! I trekked out into the snow this morning to put seed out for the birds. By the time I was back in the house the feeders were loaded! The snow was falling so hard though that the platform feeders were easily covered with snow in no time. So back out I went to uncover the seed for the birds. This I done several times! At one point in time while I was out there I suddenly heard the flush of wings whooshing in the air...chirps everywhere around me. Scared and startled birds colliding with each other. I knew instantly what the commotion was and did not need to look far to see the neighborhood terror. A coopers hawk has been stalking the neighborhood for the past week. We watched him pluck a morsel on the ground over at church this past Sunday. So the birds are having a rough time today...between trying to find the food under the snow and watch for this bully at the same time. And bully's have to eat too! I tried to snap a picture of him. The lighting is not real good and he has his back turned to me, but I was surprised he tolerated me under the tree he was in. I also snapped a picture of a carolina chickadee. The snow is really coming down around him! Bless his heart!

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