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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Pelican I Would Be

"If you could be any bird, which bird would you be?" As a birder I get put on the spot a lot with this question. It is as tough as the question of "What's your favorite bird?" I have not yet been able to answer that question...not sure I would even want too. However, with several years on contemplating what bird I would be--I finally have an answer!
A brown pelican...Not the most beautiful, not the most colorful, not the most powerful, but--very endearing. A bird of patience, peace, agility-yes, agility, a bird who is high on life and takes all the time in the world to do it. A bird partial to none and enemy to none. A bird that answers to no one and who takes its time in doing it. Never in a hurry.
In contemplating this question I considered hawks of various species--they are regal and powerful, they are commanding and on top. Others fear them and give them their space. They are also persecuted for who and what they are (not as much today as in years past) and misunderstood. So no-that is not my personality. I considered tree swallows with their glorious white front and bluish-green backs which only God the Creator could ever duplicate. I considered the barn swallow--sure sign of summer and all that it stands for. And there is no doubt that I am a summer person. And I also considered a hummingbird-but no, the swallows and the hummingbirds are always in a hurry. Zipping this way and that way--never stopping much to perch and take things in. I get enough of this rush-rush everyday in my own life. So one day while sitting on the beach, chilling out, slowing down, watching the pelicans go by as I always do, the question was immediately answered. I would choose to be a brown pelican.
They may not have all the beauty on the outside, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or so it is said. They are endearing, patient, laid back...they seem to take life as it comes. Moment by moment-and they relish in its every second. And they are never in a hurry. Hmmm, did I say that once already? Perhaps there is something to that.
They do have grace over the water as they skim the waves. Just when you think a wave will jump up to get them, just one slight adjustment and skim that one too--they do. What could be more glorious than skimming the ocean all day every day? They seem fair and impartial. They seem to mind their own business going about their own ways. Day after day following the same stride and stroke. They seem to have no enemies. They are low key and try not to stand out in a crowd. They have rhythm.
I can sit on the beach for hours and watch the pelicans. I feel a kinship with them-a kinship of tide and time..Yes, a brown pelican I would be.
My pictures are of a pelican nesting site in North Carolina and of my pelican weather vane back home here in Indiana.

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