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Monday, February 8, 2010

Make Way for New Merchandise !

In this business you always have to be on the move. You have to be constantly out and about scrounging up new merchandise! With our booth at Tickled Pink, our monthly show in Nashville, and my little shop in etsy we are always on the go! This morning found us up and about very early going to pick up this baby load! We wanted to get there and get it done before the forecasted snows got to us! This load holds a variety for us...some furniture, some nice glassware, some very nice Tootsie Toys, pole lamps, dolls, a marble top parlor table, a stick and ball screen, and more. There are a lot of nice little tinies in this load that cannot even begun to be seen! We can't wait to get into it, unload it and see what all we have! Check out the sunrise we encountered along our way. You know the say, "red in the morning, sailors take warning". By this sunrise it looks like we are in for a doozey of a snow. For us, 4-6 inches in predicted between tonight and tomorrow!

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