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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Soul Place

Throughout life we all find our special places. They may be places we visit on vacation---just once or year after year. It may be a place near home or it may even be a place just in our mind. Some people refer to these places as their "happy places". I have a place like this...only mine I refer to as my "soul place".
My soul place runs deep and wild, serene, calme, and blue. My soul place is the breeze, the wind, the tides, the waves---sometimes in glory and beauty, other times in fury, but also with passion. My soul place is where all life begins and ends....It is where I find my true is where I feel, I see, it is where I reside. My soul place is The Point. The point on the outer banks of North Carolina near Cape Hatteras.
I remember well my first visit to the point! I remember the sounds, the views, the emtions that ran through me! I remember the biggness---the life....yes, the life! It was ALL here! The beginning, the end, the in between, all life, all death, beauty, happiness, sadness, fury, everything in life but all in its appropriate place with a bitter sweetness about it all. And in all visits thereafter the power still over rides me and fight it I do not! Its all real and real feels good! There is nothing overwhelming or fake in this realm as it can be in our man made complicated lives!
I am not alone. Many other souls reside here also. Not only human souls, but myriads of shorebirds, gulls, terns, pelicans, and migrants passing through--crustaceans, cestaceans, hordes of marine life! On any given day the experience is different. Not only on a daily basis, but also on an hourly basis as the tides change.
The schools of dolphins here are not merely passing by...They are meandering through and taking time to stop and play with tail slaps, jumps, and twirls. Early mornings are a great time to see what the night tides bring us before the day tides reclaim them. Throughout the day the treasures change. Some days its knobbed whelks, the next day may be channel whelks or sea pansies. A beach full of sea hash contains many a gift--for the open hearted and simple minded. Some days the beach sends us no shell hash--a time to watch pelicans sail by or see the teeming white clouds of terns flying high. In the distance a great black back gull bellows out. And always the waves keep rhythm with my soul.
To see the lighthouse in the distant evening ocean haze with its light spinning is surreal. The sand of millineums swirling around my feet--sands as old as time and from who knows where or what. The tinkle of the shell hash. Waves coming in from three directions to all converge in fury and passion on the point. It is magical.
There is no end to this chapter in my life. There is much more to tell---I have experienced much--a life time perhaps if my life should end tomorrow. I will never be able to experience it all even if I lived to be 100. These are the places of the soul...we all need a place like this.


  1. I like the beach but I feel most at home in the mountains. I could live there I think.

  2. The mountains are as serene and as beautiful as the ocean is,,,,but I find rhythm here. We all find our rhythms in our own ways--another part of natures beauty!