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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Routine & Rhythm

In our daily lives most of us follow a routine. Some of us have routine and rhythm, and still others have only rhythm. It depends on who we are and how our lives are shaped whether we prefer routine, routine & rhythm, or just plain ole rhythm...and sometimes it is not just a preference. Sometimes it is just how things are.

A mere few of us are so content in our lives that we never stray from our lifes path. Most of us have ever-changing events and lives and at some point we go soul seeking and balance many things at once--teetering on routine and tottering with rhythm. And finally the rhythm just takes over. There is no age limit to this routine and rhythm thing. We all take different routes and reach the final destination (which may also be all different) at different points in our lives. It is these crossing points that makes life LIFE. It is these crossing points where we learn to love, to feel, to ponder, and learn what true bitter sweetness in life is.

At this point in my life I am teeter tottering and now in the process of moving over to the more tottering side. Some attribute this to aging. I attribute it to finding myself, peace, and discovery. My life has held routine only on and off since 1985 when I got married and moved to North Carolina with my husband who was in the Marine Corp and stationed there. It has not been a constant routine through the years for us. We have had an ever-changing life together that has been very special. And with our ever-changing routines we also had our ever-changing rhythms. The drum beats have changed, the rhythms have changed, and I went soul seeking many times. In this beautiful and natural world of ours you can find your soul in many places and in these many places you find a place and a peace for yourself. Among us many varied individuals we find our rhythms in many places. And what your rhythm is many not be mine or vice versa. It is a colorful world!

I feel fortunate in that I can find and keep my rhythm in some of lifes most simplest ways. No matter how hectic or hard of a day that I am having I can always step back two paces and retrieve my rhythm. It takes only a deep breath. I am finally coming to peace with myself more and more, creating my own rhythm, and keeping it. It feels good to slow down.

The robins morning song is his routine--it is my rhythm. The spring peepers peeping at the end of February is their routine--it is my rhythm. The calling of the migrating Sandhill cranes flying over is their routine--it is my rhythm. The sanderlings running on the beach following the is their routine, it is my rhythm. The waves lapping up and back along the beach, well, that is all rhythm!

Routines and rhythms differ and change. Some are a constant in our lives and some become a constant after time. That is what makes it a rhythm. It is 7:50 pm on a drizzly and rainy early spring evening...quite chilly. I step outside and shiver with the dampness. The robins are still singing...I feel the beat, I keep the rhythm.

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