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Friday, March 26, 2010

Elegance in Flight

All birds are beautiful! They each and every one have their very own character and personality--some are bold and loud, some are secretive and recluse, others are adorned in loud and vibrant colors--almost reaching gaudy in some, there are those who are more subtle in color, and then there are those who are simply elegant. I think that one of the most elegant birds that there is, is the tree swallow. It even reaches over to the romantic side. The white on its breast is pure and the metallic blue on its back is deep, its startling, and it never fails to bedazzle me! And when the sunlight bounces off its back it is even more startling! I have never been able to single out a particular bird for a favorite, but the tree swallow would definitely be in the running!
I have several "spring" birds--birds which signal spring to ME. The tree swallow is but one of them. I anxiously await to see my first of year or hear reports of them heading my way. My earliest date ever for spring arrival in my county is March 1st. On this particular March 1st I was birding in a mixed bag of weather. One minute the sun was shining--the next minute snow was spitting from the skies. The battle of winter ending and spring beginning was on! And I was shivering! Amidst several shivers and a bout of snow and blow a tree swallow zipped by, over the lake, and circled! I knew then that spring was on the winning end, winter was losing its grip fast, and my shivers were fading with it! These hardy birds always seem to be the first swallows to arrive in spring and the last to leave in fall.
On May Day counts I love to be standing on the beach at the Ferdinand State Forest right before day breaks. It is intriguing to hear them twitter and chatter in the dark flying out over the lake. It lends to their personality an air of pure happiness--Thankful to be ushering in another day--another day of zipping and sailing through the spring air, of the freedom of flight, and of just being! And this thankfulness is contagious as I breathe in the same morning air and my heart swells as I go through all of the emotions!
There is but one who could ever replicate the color of this bird...GOD. This bird is a God-given jewel! When the sunlight reflects off of its back it is heaven shining. This is not only elegance in flight, it is also heart rendering elegance!

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  1. Theresia, I, too, am thankful to be ushering in another day - only it is 11:30 PM! Your expressive reflection drew me into what you were describing so well that it seemed to me like it really was morning! Of course, I especailly like the compliment you paid to God for this God-given jewel & comparing the reflecting sunlight to heaven shining.
    You are an extremely creative writer. Keep it up! SML