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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Dusk...that spiritual God-gifted time of day when its no longer day--and not yet night. Its that time of transition not so different from the transitions that some of us "grow" through. A season of our life...I am not a winter person, never have been...but dusk is where winter and I came "to terms".

Cold, bitter, and blustery days winter does deal us...but under this harshness dusk is the soft side-the heart-of winter. Looking into the winter western sky we see it is often effused by that calming saffron glow. No other season soothes us with a dusk like this! It comes to us at a perfect time of day to warm our hearts and to help us reflect. Dusk is like the big, soft comforter we wrap ourselves in and wrap around our souls. It has healing properties of immense proportions that we can never grasp--the ultimate prescription from up above! It heals our hearts...there are "startling" dusks and some not so startling, but a dusk there is regardless, every day!

Dusk is when the "tide changes" for us land-locked and soul-locked dwellers. And this tide change is followed with silhouettes. On the horizon they begin--silhouettes of trees who have no choice but to be; silhouettes of deer and late going-to-roost hawks and herons, appearing to flee the dusk. And flocks of birds going to meet the dusk amongst the silhouettes of trees that will not depart, but wait for them. Its a comfort thing, I am sure. And then there are the silhouettes of owls because this is their given way. I often feel like a silhouette as well...They are just merely an outline of ourselves-the only part of the "true" self that shows with the pending darkness of our lives. This outline we cannot remove...We cannot see beyond the silhouettes of others because that silhouette is all we allow. Its a term..... And dusk is where winter and I came "to terms"....

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  1. Beautiful expression. I am glad you came to terms with winter for winter will be here soon. Thankfully it is just a visit. Namaste.