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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just Being...

Physically--I have walked this path many times. Spiritually--I have walked it many more. And at the end of this path is where I come into being...just being. Just being I am content--it feels so universal to everything...all of life.

As I walk down the path I can feel the promise...the promise of a deep sigh. By the time I reach mid-path the whispers of the sea oats begin and a little further on I hear the beckoning of the surf. The sound of the surf flows over my heart just as it rushes and flows over the sand. And just as the sand absorbs the sea too does my heart do the same.

I pass just beyond the dunes and deeply breathe in--I breathe in the freshness and heaviness of the life flowing air. All weights are lifted off of my shoulders and released with the retreating waves. Yes, I am.

I have become so much a part of this environment that physically or spiritually I am always here- and here I am real. I can feel, I can express. I can be...and I can also be ME. I can be in the waves and the surf, I can be in the breeze and in the sea foam, I can ride the wings of terns and gulls and I can rollick with the bottlenose dolphins. I have spouted with a humpback and I have also flown with cow-nose rays...I have drifted with cannonball jellyfish and rode the sails with By-the-Wind Sailors. I have leaped with a giant sting ray. I have traveled the currents with the sea hearts and more solemnly I have waved and whispered with the sea oats. Sea turtles have taught me of faith and pelicans and have taught me of patience.

Here I am, I just am, just beyond this path....just being....

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  1. I can see that you were recharged on your vacation. Wonderful.